Dining Out Rosalie’s Cucina                                                                                  Skaneateles restaurant, destination for celebrities, Italian food lovers

Sunken Treasures
Rochester-area shipwreck hunters make maritime news after uncovering ships from bottom of Lake Ontario

Here’s Johnny
Master trumpeter Johnny Matt — a living Rochester legend — continues tradition of big band music

Getting Married? Talk Over Finances
Getting married later in life brings a host of added concerns about finances

Driving Lessons
Mom doesn’t drive anymore because of health issues and Dad is still behind the wheel — at 87. But is it safe for him to drive? The tough decision a family has to make

Fairport Couple Timely Way to Volunteer
Husband and wife team cares for more than 400 clocks, which are on display at Hoffman Clock Museum

Everyone Has a Story
Almeta Whitis’ storytelling prowess captures many an imagination

It’s Winter. Let It Snow
Call it any way you want, snow in Upstate New York not easy to handle

David Beinetti, 64

President of SWBR Architects talks about the value his company gets from the millennial generation